How does the Gig network…work?

How does the Gig network… work? Companies with a similar business model to INNERface Digital works on the idea of getting work done and growing the business without hiring anyone at the business’s premises. Businesses are able to tell us about their project. We can quickly match them to the right freelancers. Businesses can browse […]

Freelancing and the Economy in 2019

While the economy still has room to improve and is not yet at full employment, it is undoubtedly the strongest in a decade. The non-employment rate, the broadest measure of labour market health, has finally returned to pre-recession levels. This progress is good news for the online workforce. Overall, a more robust economy means more […]

Do you see yourself in the gig economy?

You may have heard about the gig economy, but what exactly does that mean? The gig economy is a popular term for freelance or contract workers who take freelance jobs on-demand and are often working multiple freelance jobs at once. Some companies may require specific digital skills for particular projects and but don’t want to […]