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In recent years, e-commerce has enjoyed a massive boost from the rise of smartphones, which allow consumers to shop from nearly anywhere.


The scope of e-commerce is vast, but the types of sites that host electronic transactions can be broken down according to the parties involved.

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Content marketing for E-commerce

In general, content marketing is the creation of content in various different formats like written articles, tutorial videos, infographics, and the sharing of that content to targeted audiences with the goal of generating more leads, building your brand and driving more customers to your website.

The benefits of a well-executed content strategy for E-commerce include:

  • It drives new traffic to your company site.
  • It encourages trust in your brand.
  • It can help with the all-important conversions.
  • It can create a separate stream of revenue.
  • Its evergreen content can provide enduring value.

Without a good content strategy, the dangers are that your content will lack focus and purpose, and you!ll confuse and turn off potential customers. You could also lose ground to competitors who have an effective content strategy in place.

Merchant admin for e-commerce

If you’re running a business that sells a product, your e-commerce site must be able to accept orders from your customers. This process can be more complex than you might expect. For each order, your site will need to:

  • Record customer information (name, address, etc.)
  • Collect customers and acceptance of your terms of service
  • Calculate any applicable taxes
  • Apply coupons or discounts
  • Generate order and tracking numbers
  • Share delivery details
  • Process billing information
  • Provide access to a payment gateway

Taking payments, what’s involved?

Already have an online store or a website but no way to accept payments? Link our payment pages or forms to whatever you!re selling so you can start processing payments. When your customers click through to purchase, they will be instantly sent to a checkout page hosted on secure servers.

There should be a seamless transition from your website to a payment gateway. Typically, payment gateways allow customers to:

  • Select a payment option
  • Provide details such as credit card numbers and CVVs
  • Use multi-step authentication for secure payments

Build a payment gateway into your payment environment with our certification tools and flexible integration options.

  • Collect payment information on your servers
  • Control your checkout process completely
  • Access developer tools and documentation


Protect your business and your customers.

Our e-commerce solutions adhere to the latest security standards to keep your business and customers’ data safe through the entire payment process. We also offer advanced security add-ons for businesses who want an additional layer of security.

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