How we work

INNERface Digital have established a talented team of developers and digital marketing experts located in the Philippines. Through our network we able to leverage foreign labour as a cost reducing method to companies needing to out source specific development work. By providing this resource we are able to maintain and often exceeding productivity of the company’s objectives and stay on budget. We know how to find top talent. Our clients leverage our experience to build teams of experts.

We understand companies need the flexibility of a team and the ability to work remotely and effectively on big projects, that may take weeks to complete and continue on for months to years as the business grows. That’s why we made it easy to book our team for the specific tasks you need and for as long as it takes to complete.

Hiring Developers in the Philippines, what are the facts?

Have you been thinking about outsourcing digital services and software developers? These services are of our prevalent now and people hire offshore developers from all over the world. However, most entrepreneurs don!t realize that the Philippines is the hidden gem and perhaps the best place to do offshore development.

Why the Philippines?

For starters, most people in the Philippines speak English as their second language. English is used everywhere on street signs, advertisements, TV, etc. English is also the official business language of the Philippines.

Communication is very important when it comes to building a successful software team. So starting with a strong foundation is recommended. With that, you will find that most software professionals in the country are fluent in both written and spoken English.

In addition to high levels of English language skills, the overall culture is quite Western. The Philippines was, long ago, a colony of Spain and then the United States. The majority of the country is Catholic. They love American movies and music.

Can you provide recruiting, screening, interviews and background checks?

We provide a turn-key approach. HR and recruitment efforts are labored tasks and can be a huge expense and time drain. We have the solution, tell us what kind of skill sets you are looking for and we go find them for you. Need a full-stack PHP developer and E-commerce expertise? We’ll source that talent.

We handle the recruiting, screening, interviews and background checks.
We also provide infrastructure, equipment, internet, and everything else needed to succeed.

What are your terms ?

Flexible terms

We understand all projects are different and we are established to offer flexible terms on the length of time you require depending on the task at hand.

Short-Term Projects

We have developers who do little side jobs and make a business out of doing small projects. No job is too small, and our sliding scale payment system can make it easy for you to get the services you need on demand and on budget. If you have a small project, this is probably your best bet. You can post a job and get multiple people to bid on it. You can also read reviews which are really helpful.

Long-Term Projects

Hiring full-time freelance developers is a little harder than just searching online marketplaces. If you are hiring this person for long-term needs, it is more important to make sure they are good to work within multiple ways. That includes strong technical skills, good communication, etc. It is like hiring any full-time employee.

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