Do you see yourself in the gig economy?

You may have heard about the gig economy, but what exactly does that mean? The gig economy is a popular term for freelance or contract workers who take freelance jobs on-demand and are often working multiple freelance jobs at once.

Some companies may require specific digital skills for particular projects and but don’t want to hire permanent employees to do the work. The solution is where freelance programmers come in. Organizations often will list specific projects or tasks that need to be done by a freelance programmer. They will set out a set of parameters they need the “hired pro ” to accomplish, typically under a contracted term. This transparency makes it easy for contractors to know what skills are in demand.

Fiverr is a popular freelance job website for specially trained workers. Consumers who need specific help with graphic design, writing, or marketing can utilize Fiverr to help them connect with gig economy workers in those areas. If you are not familiar with the gig type of employment, Fiverr is ideal for workers just starting.

Fiverr allows gig economy workers to realize the type of work or gigs needed, and for the consumer, it makes it easier to find people who are trained in the right areas and can offer the services they need. Often a company might not afford a full-time designer. Making Fiverr is wildly popular with smaller businesses and startups.

Freelancer is a popular gig app for businesses looking for services on a freelance basis. This gig app is wildly popular for software developers, web designers, and other tech experts. Companies utilize Freelancer to help them find employees, usually for a longer-term, but on a freelance basis.

Upwork has been extremely popular and seen tremendous growth due to its transparent and diligent qualifying process. Independent workers can find prospective projects and jobs around the country or even internationally without having to relocate.

A few of the most significant factors that users cite in their reasons for preferring the Upwork platform over other options include:

• Billing Accuracy — With a mutual contract in place.
• Payment Security — Clients can quickly pay for completed work
• Intuitive Search — The algorithms help narrow down potential hires
• Intuitive Platform — Upwork is available on mobile
• Talent/Job Pool — The talent pool on Upwork is immense
•. Ease of Use — Hiring is as easy as clicking a single button

INNERface Digital has based its business model on a combination of these platforms. Our payment options are flexible, and the variety of skill sets we can provide to our customer base has seen us grow tenfold throughout 2020. We are proud to contribute to the employment of talented people from around the world. INNERface Digital helps companies of all sizes by providing a talent pool of qualified professionals at the ready to engage your digital needs. Whether you are looking for a long term temp or a one-off designer, we can facilitate and propel your ideas forward.





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